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What can you expect during your Initial Nutritional Consult?

Our initial session is so important because it lays the groundwork and the foundation for your healing journey.  Together we make connections from birth to present to uncover the suspected root issues and circumstances that are blocking your vitality and you will begin to feel, possibly for the first time connected and optimistic about how everything you are feeling is part of the bigger picture of whole body health. 

From this detailed data, I then create for you the first steps in your journey to attaining the health goals you have set for yourself.  This process is so highly customized that it can include a variety of tools based on who you are, what you need, how you learn and your desired pace.  This process allows you to feel supported and without stress knowing that it is designed for your specific needs and life at this time. 

Educating you about every step of the way helps to create accountability and allows you to be an active participant in your health.  You will begin to understand and intuitively learn what your body is asking for and what makes it feel better or worse. I will teach you how to use food and other natural remedies to support your body at every stage of life. 

How often do you need to book Follow up Sessions?

Every journey is different so there is no set frequency to when it comes to when you "must" book a follow up session after your initial nutritional consultation.  I do not believe in one size fits all packages or programs so the frequency of when you book your sessions is left totally up to you.

That being said, follow up sessions are a crucial part of reaching our wellness goals.  When we are working with the body as a whole, concentrating on root causes and whole system healing there truly is no such thing as an "overnight fix" and customized changes must be made on a continual basis to support your healing journey in a very particular order depending on your progress. 

Because your path to healing is so unique, your sessions will be too.  Typically after your initial consultation I suggest following up no sooner than 6 weeks on average but depending on your situation it could be sooner or later than that.  

These sessions are not only about the next steps as your body and therefore nutritional needs evolve but they also are just as much about accountability or discussing new acute matters that you wish to address naturally that may arise between sessions. They are a space where we can discuss struggles and find solutions as well as celebrate successes and move onto the next steps. 

I will always give you my professional recommendation of the time between our sessions leaving the decision up to you and your needs. 

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How long do you continue to work with me?

Here's the thing.  True, optimal health is a life long journey.  Our bodies are constantly changing at every stage of our lives.  

Going back to the fundamental truth that everybody is different therefore every body is also different we can see that even our own body is different from how it used to be.  My body definitely needs different things than it did a decade ago and similarly I know that it will continue to need specialized nutrition to address the changes as I age at every stage of my life to run optimally and feel its very best. 

So based on this assumption, nutrition truly is a life long endeavor where we work together to make sure your body is optimally nourished at every life stage as well as through every situation that may arise such as nourishing while expecting or through a degenerative disease or acute illness. 

I  have learned over the past decade with my own journey that the sky is the limit and that there is always room for customization in our diets to achieve that next level of wellness. 

Your journey with holistic nutrition can be as long and as evolved as you wish it to be and over half my clients have been evolving through regular sessions with me for years. 

Do I have access to you between sessions?

The short answer is absolutely you do!

A health journey requires support in the form of sharing successes and wins on the good days while also looking for reassurance or simply venting on the harder ones and answering questions that will arise along the way. 

I am along for every turn of your journey and that means supporting you in the unique way that you may require between sessions because I can't wait to see you thrive!

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