Stop Masking the Symptoms. 

Start Addressing the Root Causes.



Personalized Nutritional Consult with Full Body System Analysis & Customized Protocol:

This protocol is best suited for those who are:


  • Experiencing a wide variety of chronic symptoms, and are looking to identify and address the root causes requiring additional support to include customized supplements and detailed body analysis reports.

  • Not sure where to start  in regards to balancing their bodies but know that things are not running optimally


  • Those looking for an in depth analysis of the body as a whole in order to make sense of their main complaints and build a protocol to rebalance, heal and achieve their wellness goals short and long term.

  •  It is an excellent protocol for chronic, nagging complaints that have not been resolved or identified through conventional medicine.

  • Those looking to take control of their health on a preventative level and return to vitality in daily life 

What to Expect:


  • Assessment of symptoms, health history and all major body systems (Digestive, Intestinal, Endocrine, Circulatory, Respiratory, Urinary, Reproductive, Muscular/Skeletal, Nervous).

  • Full nutritional summary of your imbalances and areas of concern as they relate to your symptoms and health goals


  • Customized Nutritional protocol including lifestyle and psychospiritual connections

  • Personalized supplement recommendations, including suggested brands

  • In depth nutritional recommendations with educative rational  

  • 7 day customized meal plan

  • Customized grocery list including my favorite products and where to buy them and helpful personalized additional literature.

  • 90 minute follow up to review customized protocol and build the foundation to successful, attainable changes in your health directly related to your main complaints and goals.

  • 30 Minute Accountability Session redeemable within 3 months of your initial session.


  • $400.00 including HST.