Work with me to Develop a Customized and Comprehensive Holistic Program Designed and Created Specifically for Your Health Situation and Lifestyle Needs or get your feet wet with acute Nutrition Sessions

Nutritional Alchemy Program

Knowledge is power and one of my first jobs in your journey is to be your teacher.  I believe that step one is empowering you when it comes to your health.  Educating my clients using straightforward language, helpful diagrams and evidence based clinical studies is crucial so that when you receive your personalized program, you understand it. Through this education, when your customized program is presented to you this will ensure that you have an understanding as to how you have reached your current level of health which will then give you an even deeper understanding of how you will return your body back to optimal health. If you are able to clearly understand why you need to do something, you are absolutely much more likely to actually do it. 


Holistic Nutrition approaches your health from every single angle, taking into account genetics, your biochemical make-up, past and present trauma (emotional and physical), past and present nutritional and lifestyle habits and more. 


What The Program Looks Like:

In the time frame of approximately 4-6 months you will be supported in multiple one on one sessions as well as through email.  This time frame also includes the time it will take for your customized program to be created after your initial intake session.

Your initial intake session is a 90 minute session where we conduct a detailed health history including an assessment of up to 200 symptoms.  We also cover diet and lifestyle, supplements, drugs and eating habits past and present in order to get the most comprehensive and complete information. Health starts at conception and we are going way back!

Your Nutritional Alchemy Program: Information gathered in your initial session will be used to create a completely customized, evidence based nutritional and lifestyle step by step program that includes:

  • Customized educational information regarding your main health concern

  • Complete Dietary Recommendations including 7 Day sample customized eating guide

  • Dozens of hand selected TLC Original Recipes geared towards your healing and tastes

  • Customized Therapeutic Food and Supplementation Program including dosage guidelines

  • Personalized Grocery List with Hyperlinks of where to buy items in YOUR area

  • Other teaching resources specific to your program

  • Your first 30 minute follow up session 

Your Teaching Session takes place approximately 3 weeks after your initial intake session. This is a 90 minute  session where you are guided through your entire Nutritional Alchemy Program and I ensure that you not only completely understand your current health challenges and how they likely came to occur but more importantly how your program recommendations are going to work to target the root cause and help rebalance the body back into a state of optimal health. 

Ongoing Support in the form of Accountability Sessions are a critical part of building optimal health and play a crucial role in the Nutritional Alchemy Program. These sessions allow us to make updates and changes as required as the body changes.  Our health is not static, so our healing must also change to reflect the body's most current needs on the path back to optimal health. 

Nutritional Consulting Sessions 

Nutritional Consulting Sessions allow you to address an acute health concern or specific symptomatic issues while being provided with evidence based steps and solutions that work through the use of customized therapeutic and functional foods as well as targeted natural health supplements including homeopathic remedies. 

Whether you are looking for relief from seasonal allergies, tackling issues surrounding PMS or dealing with anxiety these sessions are a great foundational start to a customized approach to addressing the root cause. 

These sessions also work well when working with another health care practitioner who has referred you to seek nutritional assistance to further support your current protocol. 

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Stop Masking the Symptoms

Start Addressing the Root Causes