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Welcome to The TLC Community

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Have you ever spent your entire Friday Night Down that rabbit hole of Natural Health only to emerge even more confused than when you started?

I know you know what I'm talking about. You just wanted to know if the soy isolate protein in the bars you eat every day is really ok for you or if you should be using products which contain high oleic sunflower oil... or wtf high oleic sunflower oil actually is. 

Or what about that "all natural" new miracle anti aging cream that everybody is buzzing about on social media that you were so excited about only to find out that after using it on your skin for the last few weeks that the ingredients that you assumed were safe actually may not be?

I hear you.  I got you.  And I am here for you. Your very own personal Registered Holistic Nutritionist available whenever you need me!

Most of us really want to start adopting a more holistic lifestyle for ourselves and our loved ones but there is so much contradictory and often biased information out there with simply not enough hours in your day to research what you hope to be the reputably sourced truth.  

I have been working one on one with people just like you honing in on the power of customized therapeutic and functional foods, natural health supplements, solid life principles and homeopathy to change lives, including my very own over the last decade. 

Welcome to the TLC Community. 

A safe space where you will become an integral part of my holistic life and through honesty, integrity and authenticity I will be your guide and empower you to live your life a bit more holistically each and every day as you learn more about natural health and the impact our choices have on our, bodies, minds and this beautiful planet we call home. 

From my healing recipes, (that turn junk food into health food that still tastes like junk food), to my absolute must haves from the kitchen, to sustainable products, my go to brands and exactly where to find them, product reviews, informational videos about the hottest health topics (that won't make you want to fall asleep and hit fast forward), to the things I most recommend and use in my daily life, this space has been created from a place of passion, experience, knowledge, and love. 

Welcome to this unbiased place of the honest, up to date, all things Holistic Health that you have been searching for but never truly knew how much you needed.

I can't wait to share it with you and you can now look forward to one space that you can come to and find the research based answers you can trust. 

With all the love in this wild heart,

BA Hon. Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Owner of TLC Holistic

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