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What is the TLC Community?

The TLC Community is an online interactive platform which I designed as a safe space that you can visit anytime to get up to date, honest and transparent information that you can trust when it comes to your health. 

It is a space where you can come to learn, grow and get inspired.  It is your personal online recipe book and holistic health guide allowing you to empower yourself when it comes to making informed decisions regarding your health, the food that you eat and the products in which you use. 


What can you expect to find on the TLC Community?

New weekly content delivered right to your inbox and available on demand anytime you need it.


Over 200 of my original recipes from comfort food classics to cookies, pastas, bowls, cheeses, sauces, snacks, burgers and everything in between are waiting for you.  You can easily search what you are looking for by using keywords like ingredients or the kind of dish you want to make.


Watch hundreds of my educational (and super fun) videos that will leave you feeling confident and informed from a holistic health standpoint on all things health and wellness.  Learn all about my favorite brands from dressings to deodorants and the ones that I recommend to avoid at all costs as well as getting up close and personal with the foods that support your health and easy ways to use them in your diet. 


Above all, you can expect integrity, honesty and full transparency as I work hard each and every week to bring you relevant and up to date content that will empower you to make the best decisions for your health and wellness with facts that the food and beauty industries don't want you to know. 


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What Members are saying

"When I think of the TLC Community a word comes to mind...Hallelujah!!!!

I had been going round in circles like a kid on a roundabout at the park for so long before meeting Tanya.  So much controversy and confusing information out there, that if you are not in that field of work to make decisions based on your own knowledge, it is just impossible to know if you are on the right path to help yourself rather than hinder.  

Tanya doesn’t only give 110% of inspiration to the community,  she gives such an interesting, motivating and exciting way of presenting it all.  Filled with such enthusiasm and transparency, it all comes right from the heart,  and due to the amazing amount of work she does researching EVERYTHING, she leaves you with nothing but trust for this beautiful soul.  I am so happy to have a one stop shop for everything that I know is healthy and safe.

I would be seriously lost without the guidance of this wonderful human being who teaches us all as much as we want to learn on our own individual journey.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!"  -Sarah

"I do feel the TLC community is a haven of all health related knowledge and is my recipe box at my finger tips. TLC is in essence my favorite teacher."  -Victoria

"I love a community where like minded people can come together to learn and support one another, without judgment on their health journey.  This is what the TLC community has offered me. I am grateful to Tanya for creating such a wonderful environment that provides knowledge about a food and products that impact my health, allowing me to make well informed decisions. Tanya is passionate about the TLC Community and provides me with amazing support to continue living my life as healthy as possible". 


"This is amazing content!  The pictures are bright and inviting.  I love it.  It's like an encyclopedia and cookbook all in one"  -Cat

How can you join?

Get more information here how to join my community. 


Still not 100% sure it is for you?  Although you are able to cancel at any time, send me a message and let me know what you are most interested in and I will personally send you a customized curated sneak peak of some of the most relevant content for your needs.



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