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What is your approach to health and healing?

As somebody who has radically changed the way I eat but who loves food and refuses to eat things I dislike, my approach to health and healing through holistic nutrition is based on 3 very important principles:

  1. ​Treating the root causes through looking at your whole body from conception to the present in a highly customized way.

  2. Adapting a system of healing habits that fit seamlessly into your life and your routines without adding stress. Any other way would be counterintuitive to the goal.

  3. Creating a diet that supports the body AND your emotional needs and love of food.  If you don't like what you eat you will never be successful or happy long term. 

What is the TLC Method?

At the center of holistic nutrition is my personal belief that as humans, food is central to our lives.  We have all formed relationships with food, some negative, some positive and we must continue to LOVE what we eat and ENJOY the process of eating if it is to become a lifelong endeavor. 

My ultimate goal is to empower you.  Instead of telling, I educate you so that you understand your current circumstances, the factors that contributed to our current state and the next steps on how to address and remedy the situation. 

I do not have packages or programs simply because I believe that in order for your to be successful you require methods that are custom tailored to fit your goals, lifestyle and tastes. We all thrive in different ways and this is crucial when we are implementing lasting changes into our lives.


I work on uncovering the origins/roots of your symptoms and conditions and implement highly customized protocols that fit seamlessly into your life using proven functional nutrition. 

I utilize many different holistic tools on a case to case basis above and beyond therapeutic foods ranging from highly customized cellular nutrients, detoxification and drainage at the cellular level, emotional support remedies, lifestyle tools and more.

I believe that healing and preventative nutrition are lifelong processes and thus the needs of your body will change as you do and as such we are most successful with our health when we are able to adapt our needs to what the body is asking for.

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What makes your approach successful?

Food is unique in that it is something that's engrained into every single aspect of our life.  Food fuels us. It comforts us. 


We celebrate with food and we gather around the table with loved ones with food. We nourish others with food and we create memories with food.  If you stop to think for a moment, most of your fondest memories include foods that you are emotionally tied to and make you happy. 


My approach is built around not only what your body requires to repair, heal and grow more vibrant than you could have ever imagined but also prioritizes what you love and makes you happy.  I refuse to eat what I hate and deprive myself of what I love so the same goes for my clients. 


I help you build a way of eating that includes all the things you love in healing and restorative ways. I make sure that every step feels organic, intuitively right and most of all, delicious! I ensure you feel supported, empowered and in control of your journey.

What qualifies you to excel at what you do?

I have seen the many sides of both the conventional medical system and holistic health healing during my personal transformation and health journey. I realized through my own experiences that the key to optimal health is targeted nutrition and lifestyle interventions. 

As a graduate, with honors, from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2016, I have a comprehensive educational background in the field of holistic nutrition. Perhaps even more valuable however are the life experiences I have collected over the last decade in terms of shifting my entire health. 

I have mastered using food as medicine while also never depriving myself of the things I love. I am a recipe creator and I use functional ingredients to create healing, restorative comfort foods that I share with you. 


I have created a highly customizable system that allows me to do the same for each and every one of you.  I have seen countless lives changed over the last 5 years of my private practice thanks to this approach to holistic health that I call the TLC Method. 


My studies and quest for knowledge are never ending.  I am continually taking courses, attending webinars, seminars and reading the most up to date publications that allow me to keep up with the most recent evidence based research in my field constantly expanding my knowledge allows me to provide you with the most up to date information available.


I live what I practice because it has changed my life. 

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