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I am somebody who has radically shifted my personal behavior and changed my life starting with what I was putting into my body.


I understand how it feels to wonder if you will ever feel well again. I understand how scary it is to undertake making changes to your diet. 


I was you.  I am you.  And I am here to help you. 

My Story

I never remember feeling well.  

However, in my first 30 years I never once considered the impact that my diet and lifestyle were having on my health. Nobody ever told me and I never bothered to consider it.

I spent my entire life thinking it that it was normal to feel completely exhausted, anxious and experience chronic pain daily.

I thought that severe allergies, chronic sinus congestion, asthma and ongoing hives were just things that I had no control over and had to deal with.  I didn't think not having my period for months on end or experiencing terrible bloating after a meal were anything to worry about. 

I was told by my doctors that there was nothing was wrong with me but medications would manage my symptoms and that it is something that I just learn to live with it.

I consumed a diet that was 99% processed foods, coffee and cigarettes, worked a fast paced, 24-7 on call job and stayed up way to late.  I didn't enjoy moving my body so I sat most of the time. Nobody ever once told me that how I felt could be rooted in my diet and how I lived my life.  

Then one day I woke up, on the brink of an autoimmune disorder and decided that something had to change before I lost my health for good.


That day I decided to work with a Holistic Nutritionist and my life has never been the same in the best way possible.

Now over a decade later I am the healthiest I have ever been physically, emotionally and spiritually understanding that a customized approach to food is necessary for each and every one of us to return to a space of optimal health. 

You do not have to live with your symptoms.  You do not have to accept the current limitations your body may be presenting you.  It is my life’s work to now be that support to others who are looking to do the same.

The body wants to be well but requires the tools it needs in order to do so.   I am here to show you your tools.

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