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Tanya Church

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

B.A Hon. 

Hi I'm Tanya. 

Evidence Based Holistic Nutrition, Therapeutic Food Advocate and Health Educator 


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Nutritional Alchemy for Your Mind, Body and Spirit.

I spent YEARS thinking it was normal to feel anxious, completely exhausted and experience daily chronic pain.


I thought daily allergies, chronic sinus congestion, years of hives covering over 60% of my body and asthma were just things some of us had to deal with.

In short, like you, I was told by my doctors that there was nothing that could be done because there is nothing wrong with me. 


Then one day I suddenly had enough and I turned to food for the answers. And when if finally listened, it completely changed my life and hasn't stopped for the last decade. 


Food has the ability to rebalance, revitalize and transform the body.


I have seen this first hand in myself. Decades of chronic health issues are no longer a part of my life thanks to the healing power of food.


Holistic Nutrition addresses the underlying causes of the symptoms so that symptom will no longer exist.


Every physical body is unique and thus requires specialized care to balance, restore, heal and thrive from the root.


You do not have to live with your symptoms and I have dedicated my life to empowering you to get yours back.