Tanya Church
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
B.A Hon.

Hi I'm Tanya. 

Evidence Based Holistic Nutrition, Therapeutic Food Advocate and Health Educator 


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Nutritional Alchemy for Your Mind, Body and Spirit.

I know.  You hear it all the time. That  everything we eat either fights the disease or fuels it.  I used to hear this all the time too and then one day, I finally listened and it completely changed my life.


Food has the ability to rebalance, revitalize and transform the body.


I have seen this first hand in myself. Decades of chronic health issues are no longer a part of my life thanks to the healing power of food.


Holistic Nutrition is a whole body approach to health. The body is continuously offering us clues as to what it requires to both reach and operate in a state of optimal health, exactly where it is innately programed to be. 


Holistic Nutrition addresses the underlying causes of the symptoms so that symptom will no longer exist.


Every physical body is unique and thus requires a highly specialized protocol. 

Utilizing an evidence based, whold body approach I will create a customized Nutritional Alchemy Program that will help you naturally return to optimal health.  

You do not have to live with your symptoms.  Invest in your health and your happiness.