Thank You For Allowing Me On Your Journey

"Tanya has changed my life. Truly. We were speaking on a casual basis and within conversation, a few of my health concerns came up and I felt comfortable enough to share them with her. Tanya immediately went into care mode (which is a real thing about her, it isn't just in the name) and she shared what she felt might have been shifting in my body. We then went on our way. In past experiences, most individuals have used this as an opportunity to "jump on the sale". Tanya truly shared her thoughts coming from a place of care first. This attracted me to reach out further and book a consultation. Her consultation and diving deeper process is simple, comfortable and efficient. We were immediately able to target the areas that require more attention and care and dove into my new transition process. It has not been a very long period of time since I began implementing changes, but I am happy to report that within only 2 months of care, I am down 10 lbs, my supplements are supporting my health and have become a part of my lifestyle and I look at food very differently. I still have a lot of work to do in this process, and Tanya has been there each step of the way. I know she will continue to be until the moment I decide I will not be. She is a leader and an inspirer. Her methods are fair and clear. She is kind, she is gentle, she is heart and soul with a lot of nutritionist. Thank you, Tanya"

"A few years ago, I had the chance to discover Tanya’s delicious culinary creations. Since then, she has always been able to create some of my favourite “comfort food” meals, with clean and wholesome ingredients. I truly respect Tanya as owner of TLC Holistic because she provides her clients with a judgement-free environment aimed at empowering them to take control of their life. Whether you’d like to cut back on sugar, lose some weight, improve your quality of sleep, etc… I would definitely recommend TLC Holistic. 

When working with Tanya, it is clear she is passionate about what she does and extremely knowledgeable. She is able to create customized meal plan packages for her clients with complex nutritional needs, all while having a positive yet realistic approach. Tanya is encouraging and provides support to her client throughout their transformation. All of this to say… TLC Holistic will not necessarily provide you with a “quick fix” but it will provide you with an opportunity to make a lifestyle change that will result in long-term, satisfying results.  


Tanya practices what she preaches and I could not recommend her services more!!"



"Tanya’s amazing recipes allow healthy and nutritious food to also be something I enjoyed and looked forward to eating. Additionally, the ability to freeze and reheat the food at a later time allowed me to eat healthy and feel good at my busiest and most stressful times, when I usually turn towards unhealthy ‘convenient’ foods. As well, Tanya has helped me find the nutritional supplements that address my own health issues and have worked wonders with my immune system. I would recommend her services to anyone who feels like they could feel better, even if they do not have any major complaints to begin with!"

When I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease in the Spring of 2019, I was determined not only to educate myself about the disease, but to access any available information and recommendations from trusted wellness practitioners. I contacted Tanya for her expertise and knowledge in helping patients like myself to help support my immune system. Tanya provided me with an assessment of my then current health challenges and provided a detailed nutritional and supplements programme to support my journey of healing. She was available to answer my numerous questions and also provided me with websites that I could access to further educate myself about autoimmune diseases. Through our discussions, I became convinced of how the right nutritional choices could support my healing. I am convinced that my dietary changes are working hand in hand with my medication and playing a crucial role in my recovery.

It is without reservation that I would recommend Tanya, with her extensive knowledge and expertise in holistic nutrition, to anyone who is interested in supporting on-going health challenges or in maintaining good health.

I cannot think if anyone I trust more with my children's wellness than Tanya. So naturally when our pediatric allergist gave us the devastating news that we should rehome our beloved cats due to my eldest son's allergies she was my first call. Tanya explained how allergies are connected to our immune system and our diet. With some changes his diet, creative cooking and implementing the supplements regime suggested by Tanya, we have seen a huge improvement...our doctor even called it remarkable. Best of all our sweet furry friends are still at home!

Coming into the new year, I wanted to change many habits of mine to quitting smoking, eating healthier and just wanting to take better care of myself. I noticed that my stress habits in the last 3 years of my life were at an all time high. I was filled with anxiety, got panic attacks, couldn’t think properly and just felt the world was weighing down on my shoulders. 

I consulted with Tanya Church who was very knowledgeable and understanding. I told her with me, we have to take all these things I want slowly or else I’ll get pushed away and won’t do a thing. She agreed that we take baby steps with me and recommended 3 vitamins for my stress/anxiety to start. At first you are sceptical...like how are these vitamins going to even help me...well let me tell you. The first week of taking these, I was more calmer in situations whereas before, I would have had major anxiety or a panic attack. I am able to think more clearly and feel like I have more control over my feelings.  

Tanya is the real deal and knows what she is practicing. It’s amazing to see someone who is so passionate about their job helping others in need. I can’t wait to consult with Tanya again on my next baby step.