Hi My Name is Tanya and this is my First Blog Post.....

Hi! Welcome to my first official #blog post. Wait. Am I even supposed to welcome people to my blog post? I don’t know. But hey. That’s nothing new for me. I am realizing that there seems to be a whole bunch of things I really don’t know when it comes to being an #entrepreneur with no prior experience in business. And I am also realizing that after 6 months of start up and going to school for 2 years to completely change careers in my mid thirties that it’s ok to sometimes not be ok. Because no matter what people tell you (or insinuate), you just can’t know it all. However, I have also learned in this short time that no matter how much I think that my fellow business owners, brilliant entrepreneurs and everybody else around me seem to have it all figured out and have it all together (while I can barely make it through the first part of my day without spilling a green shake all over my car as I rush out to a meeting and realize that all my notes that I clearly require are still at home on my table, or on the dresser, or are they in the kitchen...?) that for the most part, we are all in the same boat and that it will eventually be ok with a little faith, a lot of drive, heart, a passion for what we want, dedication, hard work and a great amount of trust placed into the #universe.

But is it all worth it?

But really there is no other feeling than starting to see your #dreams and visions materialize right in front of your very eyes. Nothing compares to somebody telling you how you have impacted their life for the better by what you do. However, this does not come easy. Not that I thought it would but I honestly wasn’t prepared for how hard it actually has been. To be clear right from the start, this is not a complaint blog. This is a honest blog. Always asking myself, what is the lesson? A blog from the heart. The only way I know how. So back to business…. It requires more work than I ever imagined with copious amounts of blood, sweat and lots of emotional (and possibly at some points, hormone imbalance related) tears. It is late night brain storming sessions that you can’t seem to shut down no matter how much you just want to watch 90 Day Fiancé in bed with a snack. It’s early mornings in rented kitchens near and far and 18 hour work days that all blur into one some weeks. It’s having to tell your boyfriend you haven’t actually heard a word he said the last 15 minutes as you were refining the idea that randomly popped into your head and having to apologize for being a jerk (and being fortunate that he always understands). It’s being #inspired at the most in opportune of times (such as this moment as I find myself now), at 5am on Christmas Eve morning when you made a mental promise to yourself to take a few days off and instead you sit writing this blog on your iphone in the pitch dark basement of your cousin’s home that you are spending the holidays at while the rest of the world sleeps (or the ones with kids have already opened all the presents and are on to breakfast now). It means being the accounting team. The sales rep and CEO. The head chef, the sous chef, heck, all of the chefs and the recipe creator and tester. You are the social media advisor, the purchaser, the delivery driver and the customer service manager. It’s waking up at 4am with a spinning brain wondering how long you can keep going and how you will pull it off for another week. It’s exhausting and coupled with trying to balance your personal life and still honestly striving to be a decent human being who doesn’t just live for work, you start to feel that you are failing miserably, at it all. But I promise, you are not. As entrepreneurs, parents, caregivers, career driven millennials, husbands, children, wives, friends and humans we are not.

What is the Lesson?

So. Starting a small business has easily been thus far the hardest and the most rewarding of experiences for me all at the same time and I am only half a year in. Fake it till you make it right? It has tested my relationships with those closest in my life as I have ridden this roller coaster of ups and downs as well as my ability to cope and handle things I never expected would come starting up a business. Most of all it has reminded me we are not islands. We cannot exist on our own. We need one another as human beings. But can we still rely on and build #community and be #strong and #independent at the same time in our choices, creations and decisions? YES!! But what does this really mean and why should you care about it especially if you are not an entrepreneur trying to make it look like you have it all under control when you are really putting 97% of your trust into the universe?

Because I guess what I am trying to convey is that it’s ok to be #vulnerable sometimes in life. You can still be strong. You can still be independent. You can still be in the driver’s seat and it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Safety in numbers? Absolutely!!!!! One of the best things I ever did was have lunch a month back with a fellow entrepreneur and somebody very dear to me that I had re connected with from my past. We laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. We teared up here and there. And we poured our hearts and souls out sharing our fears, our trials, our shortcomings and our achievements. And for the first time in a very long time I felt that maybe I could find the #success I am dreaming about because looking at somebody who I believed to have it all together and have it all figured out and then seeing that she was just like me truly opened my eyes.

We got this!

And for nothing else, certainly not just when it comes to small business and entrepreneurship, we need this in life. We need to learn how to reconnect with those around us and start to build that sense of community we seem to have let slip away in this day and age. So. That being said. I don’t know that this was a perfect first blog or that it was even that good or compelling. I don’t know if anybody but my friends and family will read it. But I know that is ok. Because I don’t know exactly what I am doing but I know what I want this business and me to be and it will evolve into my vision as time goes on and I don’t have to pretend that I have it all figured out. I don’t think we ever have it all figured out, but I will tell you, it is a lot easier when we begin to admit that to one another and stop trying to look so damn perfect. I love what I do. I love what I am building. I love the support and overwhelming encouragement from all of the people in my life including all of the new relationships that have been formed in the last few months with new and amazing people. And I love that I have so many of you along for the ride. Although I can’t promise what the future holds, I can promise that TLC will continue to grow and flourish as I remain true to my passion and my vision of what I want it to become and all that it stands for. And I can promise that good things are on the horizon for us all the moment we stop to remind ourselves that we can be both fiercely independent and nervously vulnerable holding the hands of others for support at the same time leading the way.

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