Don't Allow Food Sensitivities to Rule Your Life

Let Us Help You Take the Stress out of Eating Right for You

Food Sensitivity Testing is an excellent way to determine what foods may be causing chronic inflammation, digestive disturbances, fatigue and other symptoms including headaches, chronic pain, allergies, asthma and mental fatigue.  

Through the use of  Bio-Energic testing on the REBA we are able to test for over 100 foods in a pain free, non envasive manner.  Foods include dairy and grains, proteins, nuts, vegetables, sweeteners, preservatives and so much more.  

Using the results of your food sensitivity testing we will provide you with a 7 day sample meal plan, completely customized to your lifestyle, likes, dislikes, health goals and tested sensitivities that will help you to put your new way of eating into action without stress or deprivation.

As with all of our meal plans you will also receive dozens of recipes, most of them TLC created orignials, a customized grocery list and the confidence that any diet can be both delicious and fulfilling.

Food is meant to be both healing AND enjoyable.  Sensitivity testing is available at our Cambridge location at Nature's Vibe.