When We Become Accountable for Our Goals, We are More Likely to Follow Through and Achieve Them.

Change is hard, especially changing something that is a huge part of our lives, FOOD.   Setting goals and putting our heart and mind into change is the first part but consistently adhering to the changes can get tough for even the most eager and dedicated of people.

Accountability and Follow Up Sessions are an absolutely essential part on your journey to success and can mean the difference between crushing your goals or slowly regressing back. Our body is not static, it is constantly changing and sucessful nutrition is that which also constantly adapts to support the body at any given time.

Accountability Sessions Allow Us To:

  • Celebrate your successes and address your challanges  

  • Receive customized solutions that help you to stay and get back on track

  • Keep motivated and continue to receive ongoing support and additional resources and recipes conducive to your needs.

  • Reach your goals while feeling supported and empowered.

$55 for 30 Minutes.  Prebook 4 sessions and save $25

Follow Up Sessions Allow Us To:

  • Continue to evolve your protocol as your body changes, thrives and adapts to support it through every stage

  • Provide accute support and protocol for new goals or issues that arise 

  • Remain accountable and fine tune your diet and supplments as needed

$100 for 60 Minutes