When We Become Accountable for Our Goals, We are More Likely to Follow Through and Achieve Them.

One on one accountability sessions are crucial to the success of your program because it allows for updates and changes to be made as needed on an ongoing basis.

Whole body healing from the root takes time.  It is instrumental to your success that you are supported every step of the way.

Accountability Sessions Allow You To:

  • Celebrate your successes and address and tackle your challenges  

  • Receive ongoing customized solutions that help you to stay and get back on track as your body begins to evolve

  • Keep motivated and continue to receive ongoing support and additional resources and changes conducive to your needs.

  • Reach your goals while feeling supported and empowered for the entire duration of your personal journey.

Sessions are billed via hourly rates based on the amount of time required.  We are all different, so each session is too. This allows you the flexability to take as little or as much time as you feel you will require.