Customized, Evidence Based Therapeutic Food Plans.  

Food is one of the most ancient and potent medicines. Your customized therapeutic plan is completely designed for you as a personalized guide to kick start your healing process.


Educating each client not only about the healing power of foods but also how the wrong foods make us and keep us sick is a crucial part of your customized plan.  Once you can truly understand the biochemical and physiological workings of the food you eat in relation to your health concerns you will be empowered to use your food as medicine too.  

What a Customized Therapeutic Food Plan Looks Like: 

Your Initial Session is approximately 30 minutes.  Together we conduct a health history overview including discussion of your main health concern, close to 200 possible bodily symptoms along with a timeline of your diet and lifestyle factors.

Your Therapeutic Food Custom Meal Plan will be created based on the information collected in your initial session and will use evidence based nutrition to support your main health concern using targeted, therapeutic foods that fit your taste and your lifestyle.   Your Plan will include:

  • A full 7 days of breakfast, lunch and dinners along with over 20 snack options that are specifically selected for your health needs and goals which include detailed explanations of how these foods will work to support your body. 

  • Over 30 recipes hand selected for you,most of them personally created by me using whole healing foods specifically targeted to your needs. 

  • Your personalized grocery list with hyperlinks of each item and where you can purchase them in your area

  • Additional teaching resources specific to your plan

  • Your customized list of therapeutic foods with dosages and foods to avoid/eliminate and why they are detrimental to your health and healing

Your Teaching Session will take place approximately 1-2 weeks following your initial intake session. This is a 60 minute session where you are guided through your entire Therapeutic Food Custom Meal Plan and I ensure that you completely understand how food not only contributed to your current state of health but how food will now work with you to help rebalance your body back to a state of optimal health.

Ongoing Support in the form of Accountability Sessions are a critical part along your pathway back to optimal health and play a crucial role in the success of your Therapeutic Food Customized Meal Plan.  They allow us to make changes, add therapeutic supplements and new targeted foods as your body changes.