Customized Meal Plans

More Than A Meal Plan.  Nutritional Alchemy for your Mind, Body and Spirit.  


This protocol is best suited for those who are looking for solely food based solutions and are:

  • Working under the care of a Naturopathic Doctor or other health care practitioner who have been prescribed to change the way they eat and are looking to implement a nutritional component as part of their prescribed protocol.

  • Experiencing or been diagnosed with a specific disease or ailment, acute or chronic such as autoimmune diseases, cancer, arthritis, depression etc.

  • Looking for a very specific nutritional protocol to support a current, specific lifestyle situation including pre conception, pregnancy and post baby, athletes, pre prescribed diets, pre and post surgery etc.

  • What To Expect:

  • A completely personalized, highly customized meal plan based on your health concerns and wellness goals including in depth explanations of the why behind the plan.

  • 7 full days, each day containing breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snack suggestions completely designed and catered to your health goals and dietary needs.

  • Over two dozen recipes hand selected for you, both created and designed by myself under TLC Holistic, as well as other whole food recipes from reputable practitioners and food creators that fit into your lifestyle and prefereces.

  • Includes lists of suggested foods to increase, decrease and other additional considerations to support your protocol like my favorite brands.

  • 45 minute follow up is included to discuss questions, concerns and to clarify and plan for success within the protocol.

  • Includes a Personalized Grocery List to help get you started which gives you specific brands and where to find them based on your area

  • $250.00