Did you know Roundup was initially patented as an antibiotic?

Yes. You read that right.

Glyphosate, is really good at killing weeds AS WELL AS the bacterial flora in your gut. Since Monsanto registered glyphosate as an antibiotic a few years back, its reach has expanded straight into your gut via the non organic foods you consume. Just because something is non GMO doesn’t mean that it’s not loaded in glyphosate, and sadly it most likely 100 percent is.

So hold the phone!!!! This means that we’re eating multiple daily doses of an unwanted, un-prescribed antibiotics in our non organic foods? Yup. You are.

For the meat eaters out there... farm animals wind up eating feed from genetically-modified, Roundup-resistant crops that have been soaked in this so called antibiotic. You then eat these glyphosate-fed animals plus some conventional, genetically modified produce and what happens next? Well. You end up getting MULTIPLE doses of antibiotics from several sources each and every day and it only takes a small amount to compromise your health.

But my fellow plant based eaters!!!!! You are SO not off the antibiotic hook!!!! Did you know that glyphosate becomes imbedded in the plants we eat so you literally can’t wash or scrub it off. Don’t be fooled. Any of those fancy produce washes and all the elbow grease in the world can’t get the Roundup out of your food.

So. Its a little bit of a hot topic. I am continually asked by suppliers, fellow food producers and prospective new clients why I absolutely not compromise the organic ingredients that go into our food at TLC. I am so often told that if our prices were cheaper our food would be carried in more places. That if we used more conventional ingredients and lowered our overhead that we would sell more and open up our audience to a much broader range. But at what cost?

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist it is both my passion and duty to educate those around me about the immensely all healing power of food as well as the destruction and devastation that it can inflict on our bodies. And so the answer is to me is quite simple: My purpose is to heal the body and not to fuel the disease.

These chemicals are damaging our microbiome, our organs and so much more. Early last year, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) named glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans” which is LITERALLY ONLY ONE LEVEL below the IARC’s highest level of danger. HELLO!???

Studies have also named glyphosate as a possible cause in kidney disease as well as increases in birth defects and cancers in regions with large areas of glyphosate-tolerant crops. Ever see those pictures of the farmers spraying their fields with Roundup all dressed up in full body protection and gas masks like they were being exposed to a deadly disease like Ebola? Like a scene from a movie. But worse because it’s real. And it’s that toxic. But next month it could very well be on your plate.

Other health issues associated with glyphosate include reproductive problems, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Parkinson’s disease to name a very short few.

Case in point. Without our health we have nothing so for me, it’s a no brainer. No matter the budget in our daily lives we must put a priority on the foods we are putting into our bodies and feeding our children and what the long and short term consequences are. If you lost your health tomorrow would anything else matter?

“There is no such thing as cheap food. You either pay for it now or pay for it later”.

To find out more about TLC Holistic and our passion for creating super clean, nutritionally balanced, whole food, healing meals, snacks and staple items visit us today at www.tlcholistic.ca

To read more about the importance of choosing organically grown food and why we will never compromise the ingredients in which we choose to eat in our home and use in our products click on the link below:


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What comes to mind when somebody says Super Bowl Sunday to me? FOOD!!!! (duh). Honestly, I know literally squat about football other than my husband’s favorite team (the Dolphins, brownie points for me), and that the Super Bowl is a pretty big deal in the sports world.

It is a day of chili cheese dogs, nachos, wings, chips, pizza, fries, submarine sandwiches and endless dips.

Enter the TLC Super Healthy Super Bowl Menu where we continue to take COFORT FOOD CLASSICS and reconfigure them into PLANT BASED, WHOLD FOOD, NUTIRENT DENSE versions that will make it hard to believe they are good for you considering how heavenly and indulgent they taste!

This week our menu features such classic Super Bowl Party items including BBQ pulled pork, Mac and Cheese, Hearty Chili, Touchdown Tahini cookies and all of the staple fixings you need to create a winning plant based, nutrient dense nacho platter that everybody will love.

So go ahead and be the star of the Super Bowl Party (even before you blow them away singing along to Maroon 5 at the half time show) when you show up with a platter of these bad boys. Here is how we do them in our home, and they are always gone before anything else.

TLC BBQ Jackfruit Pulled Pork

TLC cashew cream

TLC Hearty Chili

TLC Nut and Seed Meat

TLC Cheese Sauce

Organic nacho chips (We love Que Pasa Corn Tortilla Chips)

Organic Salsa (Our pick, Simply Natural organic mango salsa)

1 Organic Avocado (chopped)

1 organic red pepper (diced)

Hot Sauce of choice (I used one brought back by family from the islands, you can use any of your favorites here)

Organic green olives sliced (because I am obsessed but you can omit if you are not)

Pre heat your oven to 375 degrees and line a baking sheet (or 2 depending on the size of your party) with parchment paper so you don’t even have to worry about scrubbing a thing later. Spread a layer of chips onto the baking sheet and top with the chili, pulled pork and nut and seed meat. Then layer on the organic salsa, red pepper, olives and any other fun things you wish to add (get super creative with it)!

Finish with a generous drizzling of cheese sauce and bake for 8-10 minutes until cheese is warm and the tips of the nachos are just starting to get golden.

Remove from the oven and add the avocado, hot sauce and Cashew cream.

Serve with additional salsa, cheese sauce and cashew cream for dipping and get ready to get tackled as you bring the tray out to your guests.

Visit www.tlcholistic.ca to place your order and read more about our products and their healing properties.

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So it seems over the last 24 hours everywhere you look from the internet to all the newspapers there is a definite buzz regarding the changes to Canada's food guide and within the health and holistic communities you can almost hear that collective WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

I would like to start off by reiterating yet again one of my favorite values when it comes to life, being that everybody is different and every BODY is also different. We are as unique on the outside as we are when it comes to our biochemical make up on the inside. Yes, all of our bodies have the same mechanisms for survival, our heart beats, our lungs fill and empty and the blood flows through our veins and so on and so forth but we are as different as can be when it comes to what we need as individuals to "Live our best lives".

Because I run a vegan food company and because I eat a no exception meat free and primarily plant based myself, I am often asked by new clients if that means that when working with them and helping them to rebalance their bodies and address their health concerns through diet and lifestyle choices that they will be forced to adopt a vegan diet as well. The answer? A resounding no.

My rule of thumb is that we all need to EAT FOR VITALITY, or in other words, we must adapt our diet so that it is the most supportive to the specific needs of our body. So for example, although the government recommends certain amounts of each nutrient daily, also know as RDA (recommended daily allowance) to maintain "good health" these can vary vastly person to person because again, every BODY is different. For instance, an individual who is chronically stressed will cycle through much more Vitamin C (amongst other nutrients) and will need a higher level than the RDA in order to support bodily functions. That being said, across the board as individuals, there are still universal rules for lack of a better term of eating that are proven to be more detrimental than others. So a diet including the regular consumption of red meat, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, undesirable fats like trans etc will be worse on any body as opposed to a diet that is high in whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean and plant based proteins and healthy fats and so on.

To exemplify this further, rewind back to my earlier days. I worked a fast paced job in transportation, I lived on coffee, fast food and cigarettes, I didn't even know what plant based protein was and I certainly didn't realize that my body was slowly showing me signs that this lifestyle and diet was not working for me. My body was literally shutting down both physically and mentally. (You can read more about my personal story here https://www.tlcholistic.ca/about-us). The point that I am making with this, is that for me and the requirements of my body, moving to a plant based diet was gradual and completely changed my life, my health, my world. Because this works for me, it may not work for everybody and I both support, understand and appreciate that. But what does work for everybody is a diet that is closer to what this new guide is suggesting, a diet that is loaded with whole foods, less meat, less dairy and more plant based options.

That being said, one cannot ignore the evidence regarding the benefits of a plant based, or at least including way more plant based foods in the diet, nor can we ignore the facts when it comes to commercial farming and the detriment it has on the animals, the planet and the huge negative impact it has on our health. For years it has become more and more evident the toll that animal products, including dairy takes on our bodies.

But it is not so simple (it never is). Sure. All of this evidence based information has been around for quite sometime but when it comes to systems of government and certain professions like the dairy and meat industry, complications arise in the fact that the two often work together in a certain capacity for monetary means. I think we can all read in between the lines here as I really do not wish to get into politics. But at the end of the day I commend Canada for finally putting the wellbeing, health, nutrition and quality of life of its inhabitants over continuing to mislead us while promoting the meat and dairy industries.

BUT, that is the very reason that I (along with so many of you out there and like all of the natural health industry) are overjoyed to finally see some support and awesome changes to Health Canada's Food Guide pointing in this plant based direction. So what's new in a nutshell?

The biggest thing for me is that the entire category that was "Milk and Alternatives" is gone. This is HUGE. I know we don't ever want to hear it , we are all like say it ain't so, but it is, that the truth of the matter is that dairy is a very inflammatory food, highly allergenic, extremely congesting in the body and really doesn't provide any great sources of nutritional value that any other plant based food can't do. And yes, I still get asked daily where I get my calcium from because I avoid dairy. And I say lots of plant based places, like take KALE for example. Three and a half cups of kale (easy peasy in one salad or split between your morning smoothie and salad later in the day) boasts 315 mg of CALCIUM which is more than you would get from a glass of cow’s milk. Furthermore, evidence based scientific studies reveal that in the human body, calcium absorption from kale is relatively more than calcium absorption from milk. And lastly, many studies show that the milk of other animals really has no nutritional requirement for us humans.

Secondly, an emphasis on water consumption makes me jump for joy (do you know how many daily symptoms can diminish from simply drinking adequate amounts of water)? Finally juice (hello liquid sugar!!) is NOT considered fruit and that protein is recommended to come from plants as opposed to animals more often is a win in so many ways. I think that these changes are just the beginning and will be a gateway for people to really branch out and see all of the wonderful and amazing whole foods that are out there beyond the classic meat and potatoes with a glass of milk for dinner.

I have chosen to attach an article featured in the National Post because I found it was really well rounded and touched on a lot of the main points that I believe to be so relevant. As both a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and plant based human being, I feel both very excited and optimistic about these changes and what they can help do in terms of the overall health of Canadians. Is it s perfect model? Do I agree as a nutritionist with it all? No. There is still a ways to go. But is it a huge step forward? Yes. And I will gladly take it

Want to know what foods are best for you and how you can eat to live YOUR best life? Contact us today and we would be happy to help you find out how to eat for YOUR vitality. Meanwhile. Canada. Wow. Great start. You rock. Pat on the back for this awesome step forward. Read all about it here:


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